The Creative Curriculum framework has been the hallmark of Learn and Smile Preschool that integrates the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards-Birth to Kindergarten. From infants to prekindergarten, children are provided key experiences in the areas of Physical Development; Approaches to Learning; Social and Emotional Development; Language and Literacy; Mathematical Thinking; Scientific Inquiry; Social Studies and Creative Expression Though the Arts. Our learning is achieved through a process of active exploration and experimentation that integrates critical thinking, concept development, communication, cooperation, and creativity.

Kindergarten begins with a set of standards that demonstrate by example and application how members of the Learn and Smile community conduct themselves and treat one another. At Learn and Smile, our kindergarten  program is a nurturing environment that builds the academic, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and creative foundations for confidence and success in elementary school and beyond. Each learning experience we design for your child is purposed to prepare him or her to enter First Grade—and every grade that follows—equipped and motivated to thrive.

Our first grade curriculum builds on the early steps taken in kindergarten and cultivates in each child a growing ability and confidence to learn independently and contribute actively as a member of a learning group. An enriched and stimulating learning environment provides the supportive setting within which children’s emergent academic skills – as beginning readers, writers, mathematicians, speakers of Hebrew, and so on – are further developed and refined.

First grade is also the year in which many of the conventions of study and learning are introduced to help children internalize and take responsibility for their own academic skills: editing in writing, standard notation in math, following directions, and completing tasks independently and in a timely manner, to name a few.